Through technology, EBARA finds solutions to today’s global issues

In today’s world, against a backdrop of accelerating climate change and rising global population, water and energy shortages beset emerging countries as their economies develop, and cities are regularly hit by torrential rains. Consequently, the world’s inhabitants are facing many environmental challenges, and not everyone has access to enough water and energy.
In response, EBARA Corporation offers diverse solutions to the water, energy and environmental issues confronting every region of the world through its superior products, technologies, and services. Foremost among these are the pumps, compressors and other fluid machinery that comprise an essential part of society’s infrastructure. EBARA has been providing these products since its founding in 1912. The company is also leveraging its technologies to develop equipment for manufacturing semiconductors, the key component of our information society.
Looking ahead, EBARA will offer its full support to help societies achieve sustainable growth, creating a brighter future for the planet and all its inhabitants.

We have a social responsibility to offer solutions through our products and services. That is our mission at EBARA.



President ,Representative Executive Officer

Message from the President

In today’s world, societies increasingly need social and industrial infrastructure―power plants and grids, water treatment and other environment-related facilities―along with highly effi cient systems and equipment that are used in such infrastructure. EBARA’s business domains are well suited for meeting these social needs, and we recognize that we have a social responsibility to offer solutions through our products and services.That is our mission at EBARA.

Based on our medium-term management plan, which provides a basic framework for the company’s business activities, we are making rapid progress and accelerating our growth. Furthermore, we are striving to make EBARA a leading industrial machinery manufacturer globally by leveraging the company’s high-earnings capacity to establish a global presence, and by encouraging every member of the EBARA Group to maximize his or her potential, regardless of gender, nationality or other individual characteristics. For more than a century,EBARA has conducted all business dealings with high ethical standards and has built relationships based on trust with all of its stakeholders.

Over the next 100 years, all of us at the EBARA Group look forward to contributing to societies worldwide through leadingedge technologies and superior services.

Establishing a global manufacturing, sales, service and support network
Over the medium to long term, EBARA aims to become a leading industrial machinery manufacturer globally with a worldwide presence in each of its business domains.To achieve this goal, the company recognizes the absolute necessity of moving beyond the framework of traditional manufacturers and evolving into a service-oriented business that handles products and facilities over their entire lifecycle. That means tailoring production at factories in every region of the world to meet the exact needs of customers. It also means having consulting and marketing handled by sales representatives who thoroughly understand their respective regions of the world. EBARA is expanding its operations globally to provide comprehensive customer support and after-sales service, including repair work and maintenance, so that customers know they can rely on its products after installation.

Core competencies driven by technological capabilities
As an industrial machinery manufacturer, EBARA is leveraging its technological capabilities to drive its core competencies. The company’s core technologies not only include those applied in its products, but also those applied in production, quality control, and repairs and maintenance after equipment has been installed. Together, these allow the company to offer services covering the entire product lifecycle. At EBARA’s factories around the world, products are tailored to meet the needs of regional customers, and advanced production processes are optimized so that high-quality products can be delivered quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, in its aftersales service and customer support, EBARA aims to offer optimal solutions to customers, even if machinery operating conditions change. By constantly refi ning its technologies, EBARA maintains its ability to provide dependable products and services that earn the trust of customers.

The EBARA brand is now trusted worldwide, reflecting our support for industry and people’s livelihoods