Water & Waste Water


Horizontal split case pump
  • Buildings - Water supply, Drainage, Water circulation, Fire fighting, Air Conditioning
  • Irrigation - Water supply, Drainage
  • Waterworks - Water intake, Booster, Water supply
  • Industrial use - Water intake, Booster, Circulation, Drainage, Sea water desalination, Chemical, Refinery,
  • Pipe line - Water & crude oil transfe
VY-VZ Picture

Vertical Pump
  • Sea water, river water intake pumping stations
  • Storm water pumping stations

Vertical Mixed Flow Pump
  • Transfer of storm water and drainage
  • Handling of combined sewage including sand and non-corrosive solid

Vertical Mixed Flow Pump
  • Transfer for sewerage works
  • River water drainage
  • Transfer for general industrial use
  • Water Intake