BEST ONESubmersible pumps in stainless steel 304

Submersible pump with suction strainer
  • Draining basements, garages, cellars or places subject to flooding
  • Supplying garden fountains
  • Easy emptying of tanks and reservoirs
  • Standard mechanical seal
  • New and revised design and shape
  • Technologically and mechanically optimised
  • Their versatility means they can be used in fixed or mobile installations
  • Equipped with 5 m of H05 RN-F (for singlephase version) power supply cable, H07 RN-F (for threephase version) for indoor use (10 m for outdoor use), with or without float
  • Maximum immersion: 2 m for pumps with 5m cable
  • Maximum immersion: 5 m for pumps with 10m cable
  • Maximum temperature of the liquid: 50°C
  • Max. solids size for passage:
    – 10 mm
    – 20 mm for the VOX version (Vortex)
  • Discharge connection: G1¼;
  • Asynchronous motor, 2 poles
  • Class of insulation F
  • IP68 Protection degree
  • 230V ±10%, 50Hz single phase voltage,
    400 ±10%, 50Hz three phase voltage
  • External pump body, impeller, filter, motor cover, seal housing disc and motor case in AISI 304
  • Shaft in AISI 303
  • Mechanical seal in Carbon/Ceramic/NBR

EBARA is a trusted brand worldwide with its experience and superior technologies.