DUMPEROpen well submersible pumps

DEWATERING PUMPSDUMPER pump line is the answer to dewatering problems. Its reduced diameter and side discharge option, make this pump line suitable for both contracting and industrial use.
The stainless steel version allows further more extreme applications such as mining and others.
Overall, the robust construction together with high quality materials, make this product a strong and reliable partner for the most demanding user.

  • Dewatering muddy and brackish water from construction sites, mines, sumps and flooded areas.
  • Flexible metal cable protection of around 1 m length
  • Water isolating blocking system
  • Elastic oil chamber for mechanical seal for heat dissipation on dry running
  • Double, independent tandem-mechanical seal
  • Sand protection for mechanical seal
  • Epoxy coating for parts made of aluminium / steel
  • Double mechanical seal on all pump line.
  • Compensating oil bag for mechanical seals.
  • On site adjustable efficiency compensating device.
  • Zinc anodes to protect casing from salty aggressive water
  • Heavy duty H class insulation motors, ready for the hardest working conditions
  • Double gromet water isolation for electric cable. Metal sleeve of around 1 m length
    (standard starting from 2.2 kW)
  • Built in automatic ON/OFF thermal overload copy to be connected to the control panel’s contactor.

EBARA is a trusted brand worldwide with its experience and superior technologies.