DWOMonobloc pumps in stainless steel with open impeller

in AISI304 stainless steel

  • Washing vegetables, meat, fish, molluscs
  • Industrial washing plants at cycle end
  • Washing and surface finishing of metal pieces, boxes, washing bottles, vases, glass containers, crates, baskets
  • Dishwashers, glasswashers, cupwashers for communities
  • Painting booths
  • Moving, evacuation, transfer of liquids
  • Strong construction
  • Small dimensions
  • Silent
  • Maximum working pressure: 8 bar
  • Maximum temperature of the liquid:
    -5°C ÷ +90°C
    -5°C ÷ +110°C for H-HS-HW-HSW version
  • Max. solids size for passage: 19 mm
  • G2½ suction connection for DWO 300-400, G2 for the rest of the range
  • G2 discharge connection
  • High efficiency IE2 motors starting from 0,75kW
  • Self-ventilated 2 poles asynchronous motor
  • Class of insulation F
  • IP55 Protection degree
  • 230V ± 10%, 50Hz single phase voltage
    230/400V ±10% 50Hz three phase voltage
  • Permanent capacitor inserted and thermo-amperometric protection with automatic rearm incorporated for the single phase motor
  • Protection under user’s responsibility for the three phase version
  • Pump casing, casing cover, impeller and shaft (part in contact with the liquid) in AISI 304
  • Bracket and motor casing in aluminium
  • Mechanical seal in:
    – Ceramic/Carbon/NBR (standard)
    – Ceramic/Carbon/FPM (H version )
    – SiC/SiC/FPM (HS version)
    – Tungsten carbide/Tungsten carbide/FPM (HW version)
    – SiC/ Tungsten carbide/FPM (HSW version)

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