• Industry
    e.g. water treatment, boiler feeding, wash and clean, chilling, machine tooling, pressure boosting, food & beverage,pharmaceutical industries, marine applications
  • Building service
    e.g. pressure boosting, sprinkler systems, firefighting systems, district heating, heat exchanger/fan heaters, air conditioning systems, heating systems
  • Water supply
    e.g. water treatment, pressure boosting, irrigation, agriculture
  • Innovative hydraulic solution “Shurricane” for EVMS
  •  Any motor, anywhere
  • Various pipe connections
  • Easy maintenance for mechanical seal replacement
  • Drinking water use approval with DM174, ACS, KTW for EVMS
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    EVMS   EVM
 Maximum working pressure [bar]:  16, 25  16, 25, 30
 Maximum liquid temperature range []:  -30°C ÷ +140°C  -15°C÷ +120°C
 MEI  >0.7 > 0.6 for EVM32
> 0.7 for EVM45,64
    EVMS   EVM
 Frequency:  50 Hz, 60Hz
 Efficiency level:  IE3 ≥ 0,75 kW for 50Hz  IE3 ≥ 7.5 kW for 50Hz
 Poles  2
 Phase x voltage: 1 x 230V ±10% 50Hz (≤ 2.2 kW) only for EVMS
3 x 230/400V ±10% (≤ 4 kW),
3 x 400/690V ±10% (≥ 5.5 kW)
 Protection degree:  IP55
 Insulation class:  F
 AISI304 version:  Pump bottom casing in AISI304, hydraulic parts in AISI304, Motor bracket in cast iron as EVMS, EVM
 AISI316 version:  Pump bottom casing in AISI316, hydraulic parts in AISI316, Motor bracket in cast iron as EVMSL, EVML
 Cast iron version:  Pump bottom casing in cast iron, hydraulic parts in AISI304, Motor bracket in cast iron as EVMSG, EVMG
 Shaft sleeve bearings:  Tungsten carbide
 Liner ring:  PPS  PTFE
 O rings:  EPDM or FPM
 Shaft seal  Cartridge mechanical seal as standard
SiC/Carbon EPDM for EVMS
SiC/Carbon FPM for EVM

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