SWS, SWTSelf Priming Swimming Pool Pumps

Integrated filter pool pumps
  •  Filtration systems for private and public pools
  •  Large-size incorporated prefilter
  • Motor entirely isolated from the water
  • Transparent pre-filter cover for easy inspection and maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Maximum temperature of the liquid: +40°C
  • Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C
  • Pumped liquid: clean or slightly dirty water, water containing chlorine or additives for pools
  • Connections for SWS (2 alternatives): – Female thread 1”½ – Connection for Ø50mm PVC pipe to be glued on \
  • Connections for SWT: female thread 2”
  •  Self-ventilated 2 pole asynchronous motor
  • Class of insulation F
  • 230V ±10% 50Hz single phase voltage, 230/400V ±10% 50Hz three phase voltage (only SWT)
  • Pump body, seal holding disc and diffuser made of polypropylene reinforced with fibreglass and resistant to chemical substances
  • Noryl impeller
  • Graphite/Ceramic mechanical seal
  • Shaft in AISI 316
  • Transparent polycarbonate pre-filter cover
  • Aluminium base
  • AISI 304 screws

EBARA is a trusted brand worldwide with its experience and superior technologies.